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There are many investment products available on the market. However, for the conservative and conscientious Muslim, concerned that the income must be pure, permissable and Halaal, the vast majority of these products are simply not an option. Then, there are many other products that claim to be Shariah Compliant, but one cannot have the confidence that they really are.


Shariah Compliant

Al Mabroor Investments stands out from amongst all the available investment products in that it has been designed by the Ulama themselves. We are proud to be associated with, and work under the guidance and supervision of the Daarul Ifta of Sherwood, Durban. Mufti Ebrahim Desai’s name is synonymous with efforts to make businesses Shariah Compliant, while advocate Mufti Emraan Vawda assisted in compiling all the necessary legal documents for Al Mabroor Investments.